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Custody of security tokens

March 10, 20220 min read

In this second short video, our Managing Partner, Ken King, summarises the 12 critical capabilities required for custody of financially regulated security tokens, as expected by the established capital markets.

Ken King - Navan Digital


2:51 minutes

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Ken King

Ken is a seasoned executive and consultant in technology, operations and change management in investment banking, private banking, and the global financial markets. He was formerly CEO of the Technology for Banking subsidiary of a leading Swiss private bank, Lombard Odier and previously Managing Director and Global Head of Risk Management Technology at Deutsche Bank and is a specialist in governance and risk management. Ken is a computer science graduate of Trinity College Dublin and holds a Master of Science in Risk Management from New York University. He is author of “The Endeavourist”, a published memoir of his three-year attempt to pilot a customised project methodology for large-scale alleviation of extreme poverty in rural Kenya towards achieving the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. Ken King Managing Partner - NAVAN Digital

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