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Working with Binarii Labs on making "blockchain boring"

September 12, 20222 min read

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchains offer great promise in terms of global accessibility, transparency, and cost efficiency but concerns remain over security and dependability. Dublin based Binarii Labs aim to “make blockchain boring” by taking the next steps in helping this new market mature and make blockchains a business standard.

Working with Binarii Labs on making "blockchain boring"

Binarii Labs ( is a blockchain innovation factory, having created fourteen “proofs-of-concepts” using multiple distributed ledger technology protocols by the time the team met with Navan Digital in Q1 2022. Most of these solutions were in the range of Technical Readiness Levels (TRL) 2 “concept formulated / experimental proof of concept” & TRL4 “technology validated in a laboratory”. To develop these products further to TRL7 “system prototype demonstration in operational environment”, Binarii Labs engaged Navan Digital to work on the first two products, Cyqur (Access Credentials Protection) and Binarii DMS (Document Management Service).

Cyqur is a product that protects digital sovereignty, secures access credentials, safely indexes, and provides a unique access point to a de-centralised secure storage system. Focussing initially on the UI/UX, the joint team moved on to the back-end software components.

The effort grew to include Binarii DMS whilst the Cyqur work was still in flight. Binarii DMS is a document management repository for files, data, images, audio, video, and other sensitive digital assets indexed on a blockchain that fragments against multiple data stores to ensure redundancy, reducing the risk of a hack. Using a custodian of last resort, DMS also streamlines succession management handovers. We at Navan Digital focused on the backend code to move this to a performant demonstration model.

Technologies used include Java Script, React Native and python. The Navan Digital team worked alongside Binarii Labs on daily Agile “stand-ups” that enabled the joint teams to speed through the various deliverables to deployment with the addition of our DevOps assistance.

“We appreciated the way the team engaged, appeared excited about the program and of the quality of the code” said Steven Garner, Technical Founder and CTO Binarii Labs, adding “we have a strong product roadmap with several more blockchain based, SaaS solutions defined and we look forward to partnering further to get these to market to satisfy the excellent demand that we have seen to date, not just in Europe but in Asia and the USA”.

Ken King, Managing Partner Navan Digital added “understanding traditional financial markets and the native digital domains of blockchain has enabled our development teams to progress faster with more accuracy. Working together so closely has given us pause for thought on our own strategy and therefore we anticipate engaging with Binarii Labs as a partner for the future.”

Jason Mochine

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